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A great day out.

Text by Chris Constable                                       Photographs by Derek Liddle and John Gray


One thinks of Highclere as “Downton Abbey” but this is really an aside.  More importantly it is the ancestral home of the Earl of Caernarvon.

The 5th Earl’s involvement with Howard Carter in the discovery and excavation of the tomb of Tutenkhamun in 1922 is told in a fascinating exhibition in the cellars at the castle. The Earl was the financial backer.

The first part of the exhibition features genuine artefacts from the digs from a vast collection only relatively recently discovered at Highclere, and the second part features reconstructions of the tomb, sarcophagus and artefacts from the tomb (the originals are all in Cairo). The myth is ongoing regarding the curse of the tomb - Howard Carter did not survive long and neither did the Earl, and the Earl’s daughter collapsed (and later died) on the steps of the British Museum when the exhibition was here in 1972.

There were several restaurants/tea rooms and plenty of space to sit outside to enjoy.

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