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 Over the course of his career, he had 31 UK top ten hits.   He was very popular in the United States and much of his music reflected US history.  One of his songs “Battle of New Orleans” had the word ‘bloody’ in it and as this was not acceptable to the BBC at the time, he re- recorded the song for the British market replacing the word ‘bloody’ with ‘bloomin’’.  How far we are from that time!!!

His music style very slowly waned from the 1960s when Rock and Roll became popular and music styles changed.   In 1998, Van Morrison toured with Chris Barber and Lonnie joined them.   He was awarded an MBE in 2000 and died in November 2002, leaving a legacy of music.   

Bob Wragg calls himself a “Skiffle Afficionado” – it’s his type of music - and played a variety of the music during his talk which had many feet tapping!

Text by Jane McEwen

Lonnie Donegan - King of Skiffle

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Lonnie Donegan (born Peter Donegan in Glasgow in 1931) played in bands from a young age and eventually joined the Chris Barber band in 1948.  He was called to National Service in 1949 and was stationed in Germany where he was influenced by music from the southern USA – music brought about by people who made instruments with what they had to hand viz wash boards, T chests, guitars.  He had no name to his style of music and when he finally left Chris Barber in 1956 and set up on his own, he named his style of music SKIFFLE